Make Valentine’s Unforgettable

Our mission is to make our titles the perfect gift, which means we always go the extra mile. With laird- and ladyships bought for the 14th February 2008 we offer a special “Lover’s” Seal which will adorn the envelope in which your lairdship documents arrive.

Not only that, if you would like to send your gift anonymously, which is often the case, we will include a Valentine’s card (free of charge*) which will bear the following handwritten inscription:

“This Valentine’s gift has been sent to you on behalf of your secret admirer. Will you be their Valentine?”

Of course you can change the message, and if you like, we can leave the card unsigned. Let us know by email and we’ll be happy to oblige. We will also try to ensure that your gift will arrive shortly before or on 14th February**.

Remember if you live outside the UK, it will be best to get your order in before the end of January.

*The ‘Free of Charge’ refers to the Valentine’s card only, not the title! And we’re afraid we can’t give you the design of the card yet, except to say we’re sure it is going to be romantic!

** Of course we cannot guarantee delivery time or date as we are subject to the vagaries of the international postal system, but we promise to do our utmost to get the delivery right!

The Ideal Christmas Gift …

At Dunans we have looked for ways for people to become involved with the project, and while locally this has not been a problem, we have been anxious to engage with a wider audience. We have thought about it a great deal: how to offer something which is fun, engaging, represents good value and gives Dunans a higher profile than perhaps it does now. Lairdships have been sold via the internet for a while now, and in our view take themselves too seriously.

Yes, we want our customers to feel they own a little piece of Scotland (even if it is only one foot square), and yes, we’d like them to use their Lairdly title, but more importantly, we’d like the people who buy this product to take an active interest in a project into which we have been putting heart and soul for the last four years. And this is why we have added value to our offerings: there’s a lairds’ website, with the opportunity to have a email, there are discussion forums and the Laird’s blog, you can have native broadleaf trees planted in your honour, and you can visit any time – we’ll welcome you with open arms. There are even fishing rights which you can take advantage of.

So go on: this Christmas have a little Lairdly fun and buy one of our great products!

How do I buy a ‘Laird of Dunans Castle’ gift and send it directly?

As long as you order well in advance we will send your gift to the intended recipient, simply use different delivery and billing addresses. When you have selected the titles you would like to purchase, go to the shopping cart, click on ‘Buy’ and when the screen refreshes, uncheck the box labelled “Use shipping address as billing address”.

As a matter of course when we receive an order we send out an email informing you of the receipt of your order and asking whether you have any instructions as to messages you might want displayed on the exterior of the packaging, for example, “Please open on Christmas Day”.