Some improvements on

As you’ll know if you have been keeping pace with us over the last few months, we don’t hang around at Dunans Castle, and today I am glad to announce some improvements to the website.

First is that we have changed the registration system for new lairds and ladies. Why? Well, because we were having problems with the accounts and wanted to place the ability to register entirely in the hands of our new entitled. Instead of having a username and password allocated to you, you can choose your own. Once you register we ensure your details are correct and then approve the registration. Much better all around I think you will agree.

Second we have made registration of emails of the type and automatic. Simply login and click on ‘Email for Lairds’ or ‘Email for Ladies’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

Finally, we have rejigged the menu system on the website to ensure that only those who are logged in see the various members’-only pages.

And we haven’t finished yet.We still have to style the email element of the job, and there’s a further even more ambitious update in the pipeline.