Dunans Rising is Registered!

We’re delighted to announce that our tartan, Dunans Rising, is registered with the Register of tartans, here.

As the tartan is meant for ” … only for the use of those who have aided the restoration of Dunans Castle … ” all Lairds and Ladies qualify.

In celebration we have changed the background of this site to the tartan!


Tours have started …

and we have already welcomed some wonderful folks to Dunans. Lairds and Ladies from Finland, Denmark, the US and Australia (among many other countries) have taken their free tour, and brought lots of their friends too. Stand-out among them all was Laird Jesper, a gentleman I was privileged to take on a tour mid-April. Laird Jesper’s parents brought him along, and I had a lovely time introducing him to his plot on the Lairds’ Island.

We have a Dunans Tartan!

Yesterday Sadie and myself went over to Bute Fabrics in Rothesay to see / touch / delight in the new Dunans tartan for Lairds and Ladies. It is beautiful — I think you can see from our expressions how wonderful the tartan is in real life. The folks at Bute Fabric have done us proud! The tartan will be available to buy shortly from this site, and garments are about to be commissioned, so come back here soon to see how lovely the tartan looks as kilts, jackets and ties!