We’re Adding More Products …

Frosty Fern Poster

From posters to bracelets, from tartan to stationery, over the next couple of weeks you will find a whole host of new merchandise for Lairds and Ladies.

Our posters will be photographs at A3, A4 and A5 size on glossy photographic paper and include all the classic images of the castle and grounds as well as many more you may not have seen. We’ll be adding more and more over the next month so keep checking back!

Our jewellery, including bracelets, in sterling silver and semi-precious stones, is a lovely Scots addition to any Lady’s repertoire of glamourous accessories for Ceilidh and dinner party alike.

Coming soon are the tartan you’ll probably know about, and also our stationery! This is a direct response to requests from Lairds and Ladies who wish to buy business cards and stationery from us, rather than having to get it printed themselves.

We love to help, and we would love more suggestions, so let us know.