Comments from our UK Groupon Promotion Today!

This email  made my morning!

“Just to let you know items arrived safe and sound.

“They look fabulous and they are going to make a lovely present.

“Good luck with your project and I hope before too long you have the castle looking how you would like it.

“Thank you again for getting it to us so quickly.”


and this one made my afternoon:

“I received the certificates yesterday and am really pleased with them so thank you so much. The bonus is that as it is for my father….I can now be called Lady!! 😉 My hunt to marry a Lord is off!”


and then this one received this evening has made my week:

“I am sorry to have put you to the trouble of resending it. But I am delighted with the gift and I thank you for also including a card to [the recipient] wishing him a happy birthday and so making it really personal.

“Your customer service has been outstanding, and not matched by any other business from whom I have purchased goods. Your team has been responsive, helpful and very professional. Thank you very much and by all means do share this positive feedback if it helps. I think this is a brilliant initiative to raise funds to restore your castle whilst also being a novel and interesting gift to someone for a special occasion.

“Thanks again and sorry for the extra trouble I put you to.”

Groupon customers in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia have done a sterling job getting the word out – which makes the renovation programme for next year look more and more feasible. We’re so excited.

If you have a Groupon voucher, or would like to know more, please visit our central redemption site here.