A Kerfuffle Over A Consigment of Packages – A Royal Mail Fail

Today we have been talking to Royal Mail Customer Service trying to work out the where and the when of a missing consignment of packages. We now know that anyone who ordered a package on the UK Groupon promotion between the evening of 20th November and the evening of 23rd November could have been involved.

If you made your redemption then, please let us know if you haven’t received your package and we will resend immediately.

We are seriously unimpressed with Royal Mail over this: some 900 parcels from a variety of countries have all disappeared off the face of the earth. Once we know what has happened, who the culprit was and whether there is a solution, we will report back here.

As for other customers, such as those who bought packages from ScottishLaird.com and any of the other Groupon promotions in the run-up to Christmas, please let us know if you haven’t received your packages – we will resend them!