Travelling to Dunans by taxi: We’re recommending two drivers from Dunoon who provide a great service!

By Dixon-Spain

Following discussions with local transport providers we have decided it is about time to make some recommendations for Lairds and Ladies travelling to and from Dunans from Dunoon (and further afield as well).

Over the last couple of years we have been delighted at the service that Taxi George ( 07913 601442) has provided to both our friends and Lairds and Ladies. One of his first trips was with newly weds from California – and they couldn’t recommend his tour more. The photo above is taken on the way to Tighnabruaich with our dear friend Emma.

We also recommend David Morrison (07974597564).

In both cases we know our Lairds and Ladies will get a fair deal for the right price. We’ve left their details etc. on the “Visiting Dunans” page on our Lairds and Ladies website.

The Bridge gets a shave and we finally meet “Speak-no-evil” and “Hear-no-evil” our beautiful gargoyles!

By Dixon-Spain


Bank Holiday weekend and we persuaded some friends to volunteer their climbing and rope-access skills to help us begin the process of restoring the bridge to its former glory. Working flat out Pos, Trish, Rory, Diana, Dan, Georgie, and H made a real difference to the structure. Thanks to everyone for their efforts.


One of the highlights was finding that the Gargoyles are indeed a set of three: from the photo below we have “Speak no evil” nearest us, with his hand over his mouth and “Hear no evil”, with her hand over her ear, in the middle. We presume that “See no evil” is the one closest to the road, but we couldn’t get to her in the time we had available – although Trish nearly got there!

What we have also established is that they are beautifully carved in great detail – we’ll try and get some detailed shots soon!


Castle imaged in extraordinary detail: First image from 3D laser scanner by AOC!

By Dixon-Spain


AOC have just posted a picture of their survey online: here it is and this is what they say about their work:

To fully understand the building and aid the restoration process, AOC was commissioned to undertake a detailed measured survey of the building comprising elevation drawings and floor plans (as much as these could be gained from the present access). By using a 3D laser scanner to complete the work, AOC’s team were able to complete the survey in a single day. 33 scans were completed in total with a final sampled pointcloud of 75 million points, creating a wonderful 3D image of the castle’s exterior. The problems with access to the interior were also partially overcome as the laser managed to shoot through the roofless entrance lobby and upper level windows to identify the basic floor plan; even internal features such as second floor fireplaces were identified, now hanging in mid-air after the collapse of the floor beams within. The survey was accompanied by over 900 high-resolution digital photographs of the external features of the castle to aid the survey and create a detailed record for use during the restoration programme.

To learn more about AOC please visit them here.

Flying the Flag at Dunans: Lairds and Ladies can now have their very own Dunans Flag!

By Dixon-Spain


We’re delighted to announce that we are now selling the Dunans flag from the Scottish Laird website, here!

The flag which was first raised yesterday is a reflection of the Dunans Rising tartan and includes the Lairds’ and Ladies’ tartan logo at the centre of the Saltire cross. And yes, of course it also celebrates Scotland and its wonderful heritage!

Puffballs, Bats and Statements of Requirement: Building Momentum at Dunans this August

By Dixon-Spain


While the last couple of weeks have included a well-earned break, we have also been working hard on the next stage of the Dunans project. In fact, if truth be told, the whole thing is rather taking off!!

The image shows what look like puffball mushrooms on the main lawn at Dunans, but are in fact essential placemarkers for the laser survey AOC carried out on Thursday. The results of which we’ll post as soon as possible.

The same day, well, evening we had the first of our ecological surveys, with 6 bat spotters onsite until 11 pm, recording all the bats that spin about our belfry!

And this Friday, myself, Robin (our architect) and Sadie went through statement of requirements for castle and ScottishLaird office. These are essential pre-requisites before the designing of space begins – a design which will use the laser survey as its basis.