In time for Christmas! Our new Lambswool Dunans Rising Tartan range is now online!

By Dixon-Spain

... soft serapes ...

… soft serapes …

We’ve finally managed to get our range of gorgeous lambswool items online and looking lovely. Find it here!

There’s a scarf, a stole, a blanket and a serape – all 100% pure New Wool in the Dunans Rising tartan – all in time for Christmas! But there’s limited stock!

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Topographical Survey at Dunans: GMGeomatics completes a detailed scan of the grounds around the castle.

By Dixon-Spain


This weekend the final survey at Dunans was completed – an accurate survey of the ground around the castle is absolutely key when planning drainage, access and outbuildings. Gregor from GM Geomatics spent the day with multiple yellow tripods and lasers, and we should see the results shortly!

Note the tripod and tallest tree leaning slightly to the right – more about the cameraman than the surveyor!

This is the area surveyed:

The final element of the detailed survey work is an interior dimensional survey of the castle – which requires clearance of the interior spaces.

Adorning one’s one square foot: delightful model castle with draw-bridge and two turrets

By Dixon-Spain


We have had lots of great moments with Lairds and Ladies when they come to visit their plot of land. Often they will want to leave a marker, or tribute, or ‘development’: we’ve had the flags of most nationalities, we’ve had farmyard animals, we’ve even had a red Monopoly hotel – but today we had one of the most creative …

If you are a Laird or Lady and want to take the tour and visit your plot of land, please click here for more details!

Dunans and the Seaplane: Loch Lomond Seaplanes fly us over Dunans on a perfect day for photos!

By Dixon-Spain

Approaching Dunans ...

Today we had a marvellous outing courtesy of Sadie. For my birthday last year my darling wife gave me a jaunt in the Loch Lomond Seaplane. Well, today we finally got to go. It was a truly brilliant day out, and the highlight was of course circling Dunans in the morning sunlight before going off for lunch at Loch Voil. We thoroughly recommend this as a great way of seeing Argyll and especially Cowal which on the right day is spectacular!

Leaving for lunch ...
Our plane, and from left to right, Eric, the boatman, all my girls and Granny, and walking off, Scott the pilot...

Scottish Laird Calendar for 2015 is published!

By Dixon-Spain


For everyone who has entered our competition to vote for all the photos included in this gorgeous calendar, it is now for sale at the Scottish Laird website!

I’m really very proud of this – not least because it uses photographs from both myself and our redoubtable in-house professional photographer, Jean Donaldson ( We do have one archive shot, not used before, to show what Dunans was like c. 1930. …. And we couldn’t resist a shot of the Scotties too, looking delightful in the frost this January.

I wonder if you can guess which are Jean’s and which are mine? Confirmation when you buy the calendar and look at the credits at the end!