Adding Festive Baubles: Our site gets a refresh for the sheer merriness of it!

By Dixon-Spain


A good day today for a lot of reasons, not least the creation of three picture baubles for the Scottish Laird website. Also, watch out on the 10th December for new offers both from the site and Groupon UK.

With the top page of the slightly restructured website I had thought about a background of a Christmas tree with the baubles hanging from it, but it all got a little unnecessary visually! This very calm, bauble adorned front page provides a really clear route to the titles, our tartans and our accessories. We also refreshed the title circles which were looking a little retired. They’re now sharp sharp.

I particularly like these three picture baubles, utilising photography both from myself (the deed) and Jean Donaldson (teddy and tartan). The interaction of fonts (helvetica neue and zapfino) and image are particularly chocolatey (and yes that is a technical graphic design term… )

our_tartan our-gifts

Archive for Lairds and Ladies: Surveys, Plans, Drawings and Notes are all available for members of the Lairds’ and Ladies’ site

By Dixon-Spain

Untitled 2

Much of the work that has been undertaken this year by our professional team has been funded by all the titles and merchandise that have been purchased through the Scottish Laird project. The archive we are publishing on the Lairds’ and Ladies’ site is a detailed record of the outputs of that work. There are drawings for works on the bridge, preparatory sketches of the plans for the castle, fly-bys from laser surveys (like the image above) and much else besides.

A preview of the present list is shown below and is available to members of the site here.