Dunans Castle

Dunans is one of Argyll’s “hidden gems”, an extraordinary building set in wonderful grounds at the head of Glendaruel. Served by an A-listed bridge, designed by Thomas Telford, and surrounded by a significant collection of trees, Dunans is presently being restored after a catastrophic fire in 2001.

Owners since 2003, Charles & Sadie Dixon-Spain have opened the bridge and grounds to the public, set up a charitable trust to preserve and maintain the bridge and are in the process of renovating the Jacobite house.

Dunans in Snow

Grid reference: NS0491

7 thoughts on “Dunans Castle

  1. Can’t wait to see My Castle! How it is pronounced, please? Doooo-nan or Duh-nan? One of my other Ladies, Lady Lisa Wendelburg, and I would like to be accurate! Thanks for all the fun. (You should have warned us about all the press and visibility that comes with the new title! Any tips for handling modern day paparazzi!? Already, they’ve dubbed me Lady Dode!)

  2. My dear Lady Dode(!)

    The pronunciation is Dooo-nans … and its a pleasure to have our lairds and ladies enjoying their titles so much. As for the new profile you are enjoying, it is one of the responsibilities and privileges we all have to learn to cope with — and I am sure you’ll win the paps hearts!

    Kind regards,


  3. I have just rendered payment as a wedding gift for my Lady, Laura LA Katucki. This will be given to her on our wedding anniversary June 13th. The planting of two trees upon the grounds will please her.


    Stand Sure

    Dale A Anderson

  4. Hi all. My fiancee June became a lady of Chaol Gleann last year on the occasion of her 50th birthday, thanks to a good friend. She was still going on about it when I became a Laird of same, this Christmas, compliments her daughter Rosie. Needless to say, I’m going on about it just as much! Such a good present, and we are both hoping to visit the grounds this year. I have been told that my bid for planning permission for a 2ft by 1ft tower will be knocked back, but I’m sure I will get over it…

    Thanks again


  5. How legit is this? Can I actually call myself Lord and change my Drivers license etc to Lord? Will I actually own this piece of property?!

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