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The tour of Dunans is an hour-long tour. Held every other week day between April and October, we walk around the grounds at Dunans, looking at the plots for Lairds and Ladies, the tallest tree in the UK, Dunans Bridge, and of course, the castle.  The charge is £5 for adults and £2.50 for children, however Lairds and Ladies are not charged.

Please note: At the moment we can only offer tours. We do not have visitor facilities such as cafe or shop. However, there are facilities in Strachur, around 15 minutes from Dunans, and we will happily point you to them!

We often enjoy theatre at Dunans in the form of productions by The Walking Theatre Company. Not only have Prospero, Macbeth and Puck trod our paths, but Rabbie Burns, Mrs Beaton and Ted Hughes. Lairds and Ladies can take advantage of discounted tickets for themselves and their party whenever TWTC put on a production.

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  1. Dear Sir?Madam. Can someone please e mail me and let me know Opening Times for this year 2012, As I am coming in April to see my Piece of land Plot Number 1101N555E3 as I have the great honour to be a Laird Of Dunans Castle. I Remain Yours Laird Ian M Dear.

  2. My dear Laird Ian,

    We are putting together the tour times at the moment, but as a rule of thumb, from April 1st until October 31st the grounds will be open to lairds and ladies during daylight hours. If you ring or email beforehand, and if I am onsite at the time, I’ll be delighted to meet you!

    Best Charles

  3. Dear Charles,

    A quick update.
    I fly over to Glasgow a few times a year on business to meet up with my suppliers.
    April 2011 I took time off and visited Dunans ad hoc with my spanish programme manager, who was suitably impressed.
    In January this year I flew over to Glasgow for a Burns’ Night Supper which I had organised, to say ‘Thank you’ to all of my suppliers from Scotland, England, Italy and Spain together with some colleagues fro Germany. The haggis, tatties, neeps and of course the amber liquid have all been the main topic of conversation each time we meet.
    A a non-scot I have been warmly accepted now as Laird Michael of Dunans. Added to that a James Hill has registered the Hill Tartan in the Registry of Tartans. So it would seem that there is now an established bond between my family (Laird Steven, my son and Lady Magdelena ,my daughter and my self ) and that breathtaking part of Scotland called Argyll.
    When I first applied for the initial lairdship I seem to remember there being an opportunity to procure individual visiting cards. Is this still the case ? If not, is there a design concept or any limitations on the content of the card ? Again, if not, I am free to design my own cards, for each family member ?
    Last but not least I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR.

    Yours Aye
    Michael, Feargal of Jura

  4. Dear Michael,

    Thanks for the update and glad to know your visit to Dunans was such as success! Next time you are over do get in touch and visit — we’d be delighted to see you.

    As for the cards, they are available to lairds and ladies who purchased or received the Gift Republic package via If you have trouble logging on, do contact me as we approve every Laird or Lady who registers! Once in, there’s a link to Lairds’ and Ladies’ stationery from which you will be able to download the pdf designs which are print ready. Any problems with this, just let me know and I’ll sort.

    Kind regards,


  5. Dear Charles
    I became Lady Tina at Christmas, when my boyfriend bought me a plot of land at Dunans. We’re planning a trip to Scotland in early June, and would love to come to visit the castle on June 1st – it doesn’t look like you take bookings online that far in advance, so wondered if it’s possible to confirm a booking with you by email. We’ll be planning part of our trip around it, so want to make sure we can definitely visit.
    Lady Tina

  6. My Dear Lady Tina,

    We do indeed take bookings that far in advance. The calendar should allow you to go to the date you wish to book and do so. If you use the pop-up at the top of the calendar and select ‘June 2012’ it’ll give you plenty of availability on tours.

    Hope that helps,

    Kind regards,


  7. I would like to visit via flying into Glasgow and driving up. Is there anywhere in the area to stay overnight?

  8. GREETINGS Charles and Fellow Lairds and Ladies
    I have recently joined your fold and am really looking forward to the journey to Scotia to view my ‘Plot’ and meeting fellow Lairds and Ladies.
    I see that there are TOURS arranged each month but are there any times when all the Various Lairds and Ladies and HOPEFULLY Charles have a L&L get together days/ nights? That would be so cool. Also looking forward to aquiring my Laird Stationary and contributing to the upkeep of the Castle and Grounds.,
    Hope to see some of you SOON
    Terry ‘LoD’

  9. Hi Charles
    Thanks for your reply. It seems that that date is sold out – we’re coming up from London, and have booked our plans around coming to the castle to see my plot on that day. Would it be at all possible to squeeze two extra people on on June 1st? Or would it be possible for us to still visit at some other time that day?
    Lady Tina

  10. Dear Charles,

    My son is Laird of Dunans Castle. In August its 1st year birthday and we are planning to come to viist the Sactle . I have tried to book a tour on 10 August / 11 August ( my son birth day is 10 August) , but it took me to a message : Event Registration
    We have had problems with our event booking software.

    Can you please advice, when should i try again to book a tour for 2 edults and for one little Laird? whether there is an email i can email to?

    Thanks in advance

  11. Good Morning,
    My husband and I would very much like to visit my plot of land on this Thursday, as we will be in the area. Is it possible to visit outside of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday tours? We are only here for a very short time and look forward to seeing the castle and grounds. Perhaps we can tour the grounds without a guide?

    Thanks very much,
    Lady Margaret Halliwell

  12. Is today’s (22 June) tour going ahead in light of the appalling weather?

  13. Tours always go ahead. Weather is no excuse 😉 If you are concerned or wish to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice!

  14. Hi Lady Margaret, Yes, you are always welcome to visit at any time of the week. All we ask is that you restrict your visits to daylight hours.

  15. Hi Oksana,

    Please use the contact form on this website and we’ll follow up!

    Kind regards,


  16. Hi Terry, We do have occasional Laird and Lady events, like the theatre productions we put on during Dunansfeis in October. Watch this space!

  17. HI Lady Marie, Yes, there are lots of places to stay, including the Colintraive Hotel, the Kames Hotel, Ardachearnbeg Self-catering and Waulkmill B&B — please go to for more details. Best Charles

  18. I would like to book a tour on the 24th October 2012 for myself and my wife.
    My Deed of Entitlement is plot number 50984-1004N1367E4.
    Since we are travelling from England we will need to receive your confirmation before we can book local accomodation.
    Best Regards
    Alan Brackley

  19. Hello, I´m trying to book an tour in April 2013 but it´s not working.

    Kind regards

  20. My family are coming over from the States in a couple of weeks and are hoping to visit ‘their’ Castle when they are here. I understand that tours begin in April but are the grounds open before then?
    Many thanks.

  21. Hi I just wondered if and when you are open over the Easter bank holiday and is it possible to visit and find my Plot? I became Laird last year and at the moment it looks as though we will be able to come up to Scotland over Easter with the family.

  22. Hi Maureen, They are indeed to lairds and ladies. We try to ensure folk do only come during the summer to reduce traffic on our paths during the really wet and cold periods. However, we always accommodate if we can! Kind regards, Charles

  23. Hi Lee, We’re hoping to have theatre in the grounds again this autumn. Watch out for announcements on our Facebook page etc. Best rgds, Charles

  24. Hi, my family (who all bought the Laird title) is visiting in beginning of August. Is here any chance to book some tour, even if I couldn’t find any on schedule? Thanks

  25. Hi Dagmar, We’re able to book tours for Friday 2nd if that works? At midday. Let us know by emailing “”. Kind regards, Charles

  26. Where shall we book accomodations in the area? Are accomodations available? Thank you! We are debating visiting as Lord/Lady from 31 Jan – 5 Feb. for our anniversary. We are not opposed to choosing a time over the summer if we cannot make arrangments in this short amount of time. Thank you, Charles!

  27. Hello Laird Charles,
    My grandmother was a full-Scot by blood, although she was born in America in 1900. Her maiden name was WATERS & I have seen her uncle’s NATURALAZATION DOCUMENT which states his name (also WATERS) & it states his NATIVE LAND as SCOTLAND, so that’s how I know we are SCOTTISH, that and my father’s statements of being 1/2 SCOT & 1/2 ENGLISH (his father being 1st generation AMERICAN & his grandfather being a NATURALIZED AMERICAN from ENGLAND — near London). My father’s name was: BARKER. I was wondering if the WATERS FAMILY is in any way related to any of the Scottish names you list on this site (I believe you listed about 4 Scottish surnames). THANK YOU for any Inquiries you could make on my behalf as I have no idea which clan or what part of Scotland my grandmother’s family — the WATERS — came from. MY DEEPEST, SINCEREST, GRATITUDE for any information you could find about my Scottish name: WATERS.
    THANK YOU, Barbara Barker Hansen
    Naples, Florida

  28. Dear Barbara, Thanks for your comment – The Clan that the Waters’ family belonged is Watson (according to — here’s some info which you may find useful, kind regards, Charles

    “In the Highlands the name and some derivatives are variously associated with the Forbes’ and Buchanans, and to claim such affiliation ancestors would have to have come from the rural areas of Aberdeen and Kincardine shires, or from the glens of Angus where they had association with the Forbes’, or from Stirlingshire or western Perthshire, where they had links with the Buchanans. The latter are said to be the posterity of Walter, a son of a Buchanan of Leny, of whom many later used the form ‘MacWattie’. ‘Watt’ was common in Forbes country, especially in Strathdon where it remains popular. Other forms such as Macouat, MacQuattie, MacWatt, Walters, MacWalters and Watson may derive from either source and it would be impossible without genealogical or geographical evidence to ascertain to which race one belonged. Elsewhere in Scotland ‘Watt’ and ‘Watson’ were equally popular, and while some may be of Highland descent, many would have been native. ‘Watson’ is found in Edinburgh by 1392, and with ‘Watt’, it is noted in records relating to the Lowlands and eastern counties as far north as Aberdeen soon after. ‘Watt’ appears to have acquired further popularity amongst the fisher-folk of the Moray coast where in a community of 300, 225 were so named. The name ‘MacWatters’ is largely confined to Caithness and some authorities aver that there they followed the Sinclairs. The diverse kindred of ‘Wat’ can never have had a chief over all, but in 1818 James Watson of Saughton, Edinburgh, whose line can not now be traced, was the last person to record the undifferenced arms of Watson. The Watson tartan, devised earlier this century enjoys popular use among many of the name.”

  29. FAO Charles,
    Further to our telephone conversation on Saturday 21st February 2015,
    we would like to confirm our visit to Dunans Castle on Friday 3rd April 2015
    Looking forward to our trip.
    Gerry and Sandra McLaren

  30. Dear Gerry and Sandra,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We have now scheduled the tour for you on Friday, April 3rd at 12pm. Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Dunans Castle very soon.

    Colin Laird

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