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  1. To whom it may concern:

    I have recieved the two gift boxes of ‘Become a Laird or Lady’, purchased thru Acorn Catalogue on my Visa card. A very nice presentation. These have been purchased for Christmas gifts.
    So time is of the essence.

    I recieved the additional ‘deed of entitlement’ package. The Plot No. 56293-1004N1957E6.

    Where is the second ‘deed of entitlement’ package for my daughter,
    Bridget Teresa Bernadette Lane’s Christmas gift? The activation code for this one is: LAIRDMGLAQ6SM3. It is important that the ‘powers that be’ search for this paperwork.

    We are interested in purchaseing letterheads, business cards, letterheads and compliment slips. And any other merchandise you may be offering. How and where are these purchases made?
    Thank you for kind attention in this matter.

    a.k.a. EmpresoftheUniv2

  2. Since I was a kid, I’ve all way’s dreamed of living in my own Castle in Scotland, But I could not afford it and as I got older, the Castle’s got smaller but the stairs were just as high and steep. But to become a Laird is even better, You don’t need a Castle to be a Laird (but I suppose it would help). It would be good to leave some thing Beautiful, like a wee piece of land, unspoiled, free of any sort of Building’s for the Future.

  3. Dear Charlie, Hello again!!
    My castle is 1 hour 21 mins away from your’s but in far worse condition!

    Had lunch with Angus this week (and together we visited our Buchanan ruin, an awfully long time ago!

    Since I am still fairly young at heart and ‘quasi’ entrepreneur am currently investigating my next ‘Classic Dining Moments’ product (see the site of my agents, in order to make a few extra shillings. I have just had the seeds of an idea which could at a pinch be a £ opportunity for you and I but first a simple question!

    Dunans Castle was the home of the Fletcher clan. yes ?
    BUT according to a little desktop research on Wikipedia

    ‘Castles owned by the Clan Fletcher have included amongst others:
    • Archallader House, three miles from in is ruinous sixteenth century
    • tower house.[3] The lands were held by the Fletchers but were lost to
    • the Campbells who built the existing castle.[3] In 1603 the castle was
    • burnt by the MacGregors and again in 1689 by Jacobites, and was
    • not restored.[3]
    • five miles west of Haddington, was sold to the Fletchers in 1643,
    • and was the seat of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun ‘the patriot’

    But no mention of your ‘Dunans Castle’?
    Maybe I’m up the wrong family tree!

    You might think this is a random question but the answer might unlock my idea.

    Best Ian

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