Dunans Grounds

Opened in June 2006, the 16 acres that make up the curtilage of Dunans Castle are open to the public via a varied and challenging path which encircles the main building.

Beginning and ending at Dunans Bridge, the path incorporates a reclaimed Victorian ravine path which takes in some of the loveliest riverine woodland in the area, a marshland boardwalk, a locally-rare wildflower meadow with Twayblade and Greater Butterfly Orchids, views down the full length of Glendaruel and throughout views of both Bridge and Castle. With an excellent collection of exotic rhododendron and azalea, many large and exotic trees, including views of the tallest tree in the UK, lovely bluebell and daffodil displays early on in the year, and the constant presence of bird and wildlife, including bats, breeding owls and the occasional sighting of Golden Eagles, there is something for everyone.

Dunans Castle in the Distance

The grounds are open all year round at the weekend, by appointment and all week between April and October.

We will be organising specific Lairds’ events in the grounds of Dunans Castle from time to time, giving you the chance to learn about the history and context of this glorious house, as well as meet your fellow Lairds of Dunans Castle, Charles and Sadie Dixon-Spain.

2 thoughts on “Dunans Grounds

  1. Greetings,
    How fun is this? For your tour are you able to get us into the Dunans Castle?
    Can I visit the church on the top floor?
    Where would we fly into to get to the Dunans Castle?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Lady Bonny, The tour can’t go into the castle at the moment — its too dangerous — but we’ll happily show you all the sights of the project when you come for your tour! Kind regards, Charles

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