Alt a Chaol Ghleann

As one of three tributaries to the River Ruel, Alt a Chaol Ghleann passes 15m below the parapet of Dunans Bridge, swirls around the skirts of the tallest tree in the UK and pelts down a broad rock-strewn ravine, one side of which is owned by the proprietors of Dunans. With three fishing pools on this short stretch, including the one that until recently held the record for producing the Ruel’s heaviest Salmon, a canopy of native woodland stretching some hundreds of feet above, and a dramatic hidden, almost tropical microclimate, the visitor feels transported into an extraordinary, water-suffused enclave.

As Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle you’ll have free access to the ravine on the Dunans side, along with access to fishing rights by appointment with the proprietors.

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  1. I am steill trying to find out how to pronounce Chaol Ghieann [ phonetically please ]

  2. Hi Gordon,

    Not sure its the proper phonetic notation, but here goes: Ki-ull Ch-glen.

    Alt a Chaol Ghleann means the neck of the glen, and refers to the narrowest, most strategically important waypoint on the road to the lowlands. It was near this narrow point that the Glendaruels fought and beat off the Viking raiders in the first millenia, turning the river red with the invaders blood: hence the name of our glen, Glendaruel – the glen of the red river.

    Kind regards,


  3. Dear Charles,

    I was wondering how the update function works.
    We have already purchased the “river” package for a couple, but (as we are both students) we would like to slowly upgrade to the “marble” package by paying the difference to next higher package, to portion it out a bit, would that be possible?
    You see we’re getting married next year and would like to visit “our castle” and fish in “our Chaol Ghleann” as part of our honeymoon (of course after making an apointment at your convenience).

    Best regards
    Eirik and Elisabeth

  4. Hi,

    is there any way of upgrading your title from river to marble?

    Yours sincerely
    Lady Elisabeth Keller of Chaol Ghlenn

  5. Fishing in the River. Im a dedicated flyfisherman from Sweden. I recently purchased the title and to my great joy i found out about this river. I have thought about visiting the estate and the river next year. What species can be found in the waters and is there any additionall fee’s for fishin’ the river?

    Best Regard


  6. Sire, we have just become a Lady and a Laird , and booked your basic couples package (river) – since my husband is a Bailey (of the Borders by his descent long ago according to his parents ) and my late fathers family also loved Scotland a lot, father used to go fishing and my grandmother visited so many marvellous times, in fact she also bred the famous Scotties in her heydays – and named two houses after Braemar and Lochearn – so, and since have inherited a small legacy, to celebrate both the love my own dearest daddy had for this fabulous land, and also as a special gift for one anothers for st valentines day, nothing could have been better or more romantic and bring back some memories (also someday maybe make some memorable new ones ourselves asap are able to tour the scottish highlands and the islands ) -and we shall be so pleased to think that perhaps a small part of the castles restoration projects and the special woodlands and those golden eagles will be assisted by our small contributions – am so fascinated by these beautiful birds of prey – therefore we thank you formally and in friendship with any other ladies and lairds – signed per pro the family Bailey (Baillie/originally of the Borders) – Babs Chiara and husband of thirty years Peter John, lady and laird with pleasure and best wishes – ps plus our sphynx cat called Master Caspar Puds of course (we show our cats – siamese/devons/sphynx, plus a large maine coon – shes a real Lady Cybil with all her TICA titles in the UK aka RW QGM !) – ps shall start to practice my curtsey and perhaps my scottish dancing again –

  7. Hi Joakim,

    Yes you are very welcome to fish in the river. We have salmon and brown trout, although in the case of the former not many. The river is presently being restocked so all fish caught are returned.

    Looking forward to seeing you in 2014!

    Kind regards,


  8. Hi Lady Elisabeth,

    If you look under products, you will see a link to ‘Upgrades’ which has every permutation of upgrade you might need!

    Kind regards,


  9. Just came upon this wonderful idea for preservation and hope once I make up my mind to become part of your community. I love the castles of the world and really appreciate the effort being made to preserve this very limited resource.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  10. Hi David,

    Thanks for your message! We’d be delighted to welcome you!

    Kind regards,


  11. Hi Eirik and Elisabeth,

    Of course! Please go ahead. And we shall be delighted to give you a tour on your honeymoon.

    Kind regards,


  12. Hello Charles
    I have recently received the slate-package as a gift. I see that it gives the right to fish in the river. And I also read above that all fish caught are returned.. That is fine with me. But if I may ask: About how many salmons and trouts are caught each year? Just so I will have an idea about the possibilities.

    Best regards

  13. PS: And may I also ask: The text above says I’ll have “free access to the ravine on the Dunans side, along with access to fishing rights by appointment with the proprietors.” Does that mean that there are additional costs involved to fish? And eventually what then is the price?


  14. Hi Terje, Thanks for your query. 5 salmon only were caught last year, but over a hundred trout! Kind regards, Charles

  15. No extra cost at all Terje for our part of the river. We only ask you get in touch to ensure we know you are going to be there and make sure there are no double bookings with other lairds or ladies! Hope that answers your query! Best Charles

  16. Hello,
    is there any possibility that you could provide an audio file with someone pronouncing Chaol Ghleann? I’m not sure I understood your description in the first post correctly, and I don’t want to get it wrong.

    Kind regards,

  17. Dear friends! I have just purchased my piece of land in Scotland 🙂 I was wondering, how many ladies and lords are there to support this castle project and how can I follow it proceed? Kindest regards from Finland,
    Lady Harriet Asula-Myllynen of Chaol Ghleann

  18. Merry Christmas
    I have been reading info on Dunans Castle and the membership as a Lord and Lady of Chaol Ghleann and am quite surprised !
    I am happy to be part of something mysterious and find this a thoughtful and intriguing present which is a life long opportunity to enjoy Scotland with a wee bit of romance, to share rather than fight and to have maybe an opportunity that is humble and yet exciting.
    Hope the tree lasts the gales and that we have a rare experience to share.
    Thank you to the giver Lord D. Marshall and the Laird & his family for their opportunity in the restoration of their estate. Fingers crossed for the future.
    ps would there be fishing equipment provided?

  19. Caol is gaelic for thin, narrow, slim slender.
    Gleann is gaelic spelling of glen, meaning vale or valley.
    Gaelic grammar rules mean when certain words are combined the must be ‘lenited’ that is ‘softened’ by the insertion of the english letter ‘h’ which otherwise does not occur in Gaelic. This lenition drastically changes the sound, for instance Mairi becoming Mhairi ( my phonetics are marri (Mary) and varri.
    In the case of Chaol Ghleann it should sound like Ha -ool H-low-an.
    The C and the G are so softened as to be unsounded.
    -ann in gaelic sounds like ow-an
    Hope this helps.

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