Dunans Castle

There has been a building on the site of the present house since at least 1590 when the site was marked as Dunens on Roy’s map of Scotland. By 1801 a double-fronted manse-style house or lodge is shown, and this building relates quite closely in form to the smaller house which is presently under-going renovation. By the late 1860s the Ordnance Survey produce the most accurate and detailed map on which the present shape of the castle is visible: it is essentially two buildings linked by a two-storey utility space, the original house having been elaborated by the Edinburgh-based architect Andrew Kerr, into a residence suitable for the Procurator Fiscal of Scotland.

Even in its present sorry state, the castle, approached from the north via Dunans bridge, offers an impressive and romantic spectacle. The franco-baronial style, mixed with elements of the more austere west coast vernacular, offers a massive and overwhelming presence, set upon its own ledge above the Chaol Ghleann ravine. First-time visitors often pause involuntarily as they drive onto the bridge, for in its setting Dunans Castle is a breath-taking vista.

To support the restoration of the castle via our titles or through the Dunans Rising tartan, please click here.

Dunans Castle

As Laird or Lady of Dunans Castle you will gain access to the Lairds’ website, where details of the restoration and progress towards it will be posted. You’ll be able to subscribe to the Lairds’ newsletter, and receive access to exclusive offers for Dunans Castle memorabilia, including the right to use the Lairds of Dunans Castle insignia.

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  1. Hello there,

    I was wondering whether the title of Laird or Lady passes down to your children after you pass away


  2. HI George,

    Yes it does, but you’ll need to nominate the child you wish to pass it onto!

    Best Charles

  3. If you by à pice. Are there no other things in Scotland that comes with owning à little little pice of land. In Sweden we have roadfees, taxes and so on.
    Regards Camilla

  4. I have been a lady of Dunans as of 2010 and plan on visting Oct 2013. Do you think we will have to rent a car to get to the castle once we are in Scotland? We live in the USA . I am so excited for the trip and my husband hopes to go fishing there also! Still confused how to make reservations because I went to the calendar and there is nonthing to click on.

  5. Hi Debbie, Thanks for getting in touch. Renting a car is best. And October 2013 is not yet on the site — in fact I am about to sort the calendar out for next year. We generally run tours every week between April and October inclusive on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays — so plan for that and check back on this site shortly. Kind regards, Charles

  6. Hello, If i would like to become a Lord what name should i put in?

    Lord “first name” “family name” of Chaol Ghleann?

    I took the deal on groupon.se an would like to do it for me, my wife and my child.

  7. Hi Mark, We think putting your full name looks best on the deed of entitlement, but it has to be said many Lairds and Ladies prefer their first name. Hope that helps, Kind regards, Charles

  8. Hello! I was recenty given the title Lord of Chaol Ghleann as a gift from my brother/his family. As I understand this is a title that last for life? If so, will my daugher inheritate the title – in this case lady – after I’ve left this planet?

  9. Hello

    If i change my name after i register can my title be updated as well?

    Kind Regards

  10. I think this idea for support of Dunans Castle is great. Just purchased my package. Will I get information about other kinds of programs to help? Also, If I wanted to buy an acre is that possible? Hoping to return for another visit to Scotland for the next Gathering in 2014.
    Thank you.

  11. many thanks, my post came today, titles plus a lovely card, may we wish you all well – best wishes – laird pater and lady babs chiara at belper

  12. Hi Roxanne,

    Thanks for getting in touch! You’ll get all sorts of information about the project, and other opportunities to support the project! We only sell plots by the square foot, in particular because each purchase helps us restore the castle! We’ll look forward to seeing you in 2014!

    Kind regards,


  13. Hi Charlotte,

    Of course! If you look under ‘Products’ in the menu above you’ll find a ‘Replacement’ item which can be used for just this purpose!

    Kind regards, Charles

  14. Hi Camilla,
    Rest assured that there will be no other further charges associated with your title!
    Kind regards,


  15. Hi,

    Is it possible to order business cards with the right insignia etc. from you when I have title of Lord and if then for what price? Thank you, I think this is a nice idea and ofcourse it feels great to help restore a piece of history!

    Think you,

    Lord Sam

  16. For Christmas of 2012, I purchased for my daughter, my son and myself a little piece of Dunans Castle. We were all so excited to receive our letter of entitlement to use “Lady” and “Laird”. I was wondering, how do I sign up for the newsletter? Also, I have purchased t-shirts for the three of us, but would love to purchase some of the stationary or cards that were mentioned in the description of the gift. Where do I go on the web to purchase these? Also, we hope to visit Scotland and Dunans Castle in Spring of 2014. This is one of the best, fun gifts I’ve ever given, and my children (who are adults) truly love it! Thanks for your time and for answering my questions.

  17. Hi Lord Sam,

    We’d be delighted to help of course. Please email us or use the contact form and we will sort this out for you!

    Kind regards,


  18. I have just received my certificate and I can’t wait to make the journey to stand on my plot 🙂 x

  19. Hiya,
    I’m getting married in May next year and we are planning on having our honeymoon touring around Scotland.
    Would it possible to have some of our additional wedding and honeymoon photos taken on the grounds of the castle?

    Kind regards


  20. I forgot to mention I have a Lady title c/o of yourselves and I am planning on getting my (future) husband a title as well!

  21. I have just purchased a laird package and was wondering how long the delivery usually takes or if there is a downloadable version I can print off in the meantime. I live in Scotland but in my true fashion have left buying this gift till the last minute……!! His birthday is a week on Wednesday (15th may)

  22. I am a Lady and have my one square foot of Dunans. My brother and I will be visiting Dunans (private taxi from Glasgow) on Wednesday, July 10th. We would like to tour the castle (included in our package) and grounds. Can you tell me what time the tour of the castle will be held on July 10, 2013? I am greatly anticipating standing on my one square foot. Also, when we arrive, where do we go? Is there an office, ?? Thank you

  23. Hi Charles

    I just received my Laird packet for Father’s Day(here in the US) yesterday. We have a trip planned this year (leaving here on July 8. Is there any possibility I could have you rush my information to me? Due to my age & health, this will probably be my last trip to Scotland. Whatever you can do would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


  24. Hi Don,

    It’s being winged to you as quick as we can. And let us know when you are arriving at Dunans and we can arrange a tour! email help@scottishlaird.com

    Kind regards,


  25. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for getting in touch. You have been booked in already using help@scottishlaird.com, but to answer your questions regarding the tours. They usually happen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at midday, 12pm. They last for an hour and begin in front of the castle, where I meet you. We’re very much looking forward to meeting you and your brother Maria!

    Kind regards,


  26. Hi My sir name is Laird,the family are from Banff, However if I wanted to become a laird of Dunans Castle how would that be written, I do like the idea that funds can be raised to maintain these impressive stately homes and castles so very keen to be a part of the process

  27. I have been given a plot by my fiance for christmas 😀 Must say i am looking foward to visiting as i love old buildings and think it’s a great idea to resore and help towards up keeping of the Castle.
    Will be seeing you in the next year 😀

  28. This is a genius idea! What a great way to raise the funds for restoration! I have just bought a title for my husband and I – glad to support such a great idea. I’m a wedding planner and magazine publisher so when his birthday is over I’ll do some publicity for you about it (don’t want to spoil the surprise!) . It would be a great gift for a fiance to give to their partner the morning of their wedding!

    Best of luck with it guys. Rosie The Wedding Planner.

  29. Hi.
    We came to Dunans Castle last Monday for the tour. Colin will remember us as the owners of the motorhome that got stuck at the entrance!
    When we got home we went on the plot finder App but found that the location of our plot differed from the red cross marked on the map which came with our documents. This showed it to be between the river and the footpath quite close to the bridge,whereas the App locates it between the river and the road about 2 yards from the river bank.
    Could you please clarify which is correct . Our Plot Number(s) as shown on the certificate is N9972E1/2.
    Thanks in anticipation. Incidentally we thoroughly enjoyed our visit and Colin’s tour and wish you every success withe project.
    Geoff Ross.

  30. Hi Geoff,

    Thanks for this. We are experiencing some errors on the Plot app (it is still beta afterall). We’re updating this week so please try again after the weekend and it should work properly!! I’ll pass on your comments to Colin, and thanks for your good wishes,

    Kind regards,


  31. How exciting to have been able to purchase this tiny piece of you home and land to help with the restoration, we wish you all well with this .

    Having purchased the titles Lord and Lady can we legally change our bank cards passports etc to add this title if we choose, I am happy with mine as is, but am considering doing this for my granddaughter who is 18 months old, I think Lady August Florence Beatrice is wonderful and will add a little something special for Christmas and her bank accounts and trusts she has….

    Thank you for the opportunity. Best wishes, Lady Taylor

  32. Hello-I have just purchased 6 Lord and Lady titles as my grandfather ( and so mother) was a Fletcher. My son, brother and mother share a birthday and all have Fletcher in their name. The history is fascinating and one that will result in a lot of interest in the castle by my family. I wonder if you can direct me to any more information about the Fletchers. I intend to tell all at the gathering of our clan at Christmas then give them their certificates etc for their birthdays.
    Charlie, our youngest family member, is just a few weeks old. Be an amazing christening present!
    Looking forward to bringing my sons to visit.


  33. I was delighted to receive my title as a gift for a BIG birthday last year (I don’t want to talk abou it!) 🙂
    The kind givers of the gift and myself are planning a trip up in the spring to visit the castle and my little bit of it, and would love a tour. However, due to working committments this has to be a weekend. Is it possible for a Saturday or Sunday tour to be arranged, kind Sir?! There will be 3 of us.

    Many Thanks, Mary

  34. My boyfriend bought a plot/title for me for Christmas and I’m so excited! I registered and received the certificate, tour card and information. It reads that I should go to http://www.lairdsofdunans.com to enter my plot number, log in, and get my other Laird-based benefits online. My iPhone says that this website does not exist. Might I be typing something wrong or maybe there is a server issue. I’m located in the U.S. (Virginia), but I wouldn’t think that would make a difference. Any help is appreciated and I hope to visit soon!
    Lady Taryn

  35. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately, the tours of the Castle and grounds take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and we would be unable to provide a tour at the weekend. You would still be welcome to come and visit the estate. Please pay close attention to the signs and please stay to the front of the Castle where the information boards are located. For reasons of safety and privacy we do not allow visitors to go around the back of the house or Castle. Thank you and we hope that you enjoy your visit to Dunans.

  36. I received this gift and am exited to register. However, I am getting married in September and my name will be changing. We are going to Scotland for the honeymoon and would like to see the land while we are there. Should I register the gift in my fiancés name? After marriage the the title extend to me? Please advise.

    Thank you!


  37. Hi-
    I am Lizzie, I am 13 and I live in America. For my 10th birthday I received the gift box from my aunt. I was young and didn’t know that I had to register then, and I just recently remembered I had the gift box. I found it in my bookcase and learned I had to register so I went online, but the website said I couldn’t because it had expired. Is there anyway I can still register without buying a new package?

  38. Dear Lizzie,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. I notice from your email that you have received the title through Gift Republic. Gift Republic act as agents on our behalf and they are responsible for sending out all documentation directly to the customer. Unfortunately, we do not get access to these orders and so we would kindly request that you contact Gift Republic directly for further assistance at this time. Please do let me know the outcome by emailing me directly at help@scottishlaird.com
    Thank you for your understanding and we hope that the situation is rectified for you very soon.

    Colin laird

  39. Dear Eileen,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We would recommend registering your details in your married name as this will avoid any administration fee to change the documents at a later date. If you have already registered and will require a name change in the future then you can do so by visiting our website at http://www.scottishlaird.com and then selecting ‘Our Shop’ followed by ‘Decorative Titles’. If you scroll down the page then you will see the correct option to ‘Redraw a Deed’.
    Please also email me directly at help@scottishlaird.com when you have the confirmed date for your visit. The tours of the Castle and grounds take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between April and October. The time of the tour is 12pm. If you would like to arrange a tour then please let em know and I will be happy to schedule it for you. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

    Colin Laird

  40. I bought a title whilst with a previous partner, can I change the name on it to the name of my wife to be?

  41. Dear Jason,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. Yes, we do have a facility where the entitlement deed can be redrawn. Please visit our website at http://www.scottishlaird.com and then select ‘Our Shop’ followed by ‘Decorative Titles’. If you scroll down the page then you will find the appropriate section to ‘Redraw a Deed’. There will be an administration fee for this service and you will require the original title deed to advise us of the Plot Number that was allocated. Thank you and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

  42. love it to death. soon as thy can help my back. we are planning a vist ! see yea soon…

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