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The Lairds and Ladies of the ScottishLaird project are now entitled to wear our very own tartan, entitled “Dunans Rising”. This tartan will be available to buy both as garments and accessories as well as bolts of cloth very shortly.




Otherwise, Dunans Castle has been linked to the following Tartans & Clans:

Fletcher – Dunans Castle was Clan seat for over 150 years, and the clan tartan is refers to the house by name.

Fletcher of Dunans Tartan

Stuart – referenced in the Fletcher’s Coat of Arms, the family was said to be fletchers to the Stuarts

McGregor – brought the door of Achallader to Dunans with the Fletchers.

Lamont – owned Dunans before the Fletchers and used it as a hunting lodge.

Campbells – Built the original Dunans House as a hunting lodge in the 1500s.

The present proprietors belong to Buchanan, MacDonald and Maclaren clans.

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  1. My family (Ivey’s)has been unable to trace our ancestors in the U.K. My brothers Y-DNA suggests the Argyle region of Scotland even though the name “Ivey” doesn’t seem very common there. I have read somewhere on the intranet that the name is a part of the Campbell Clan. I would love to visit your grounds if it is open to the public. Sincerely, Cher

  2. I would love to be involved with Dunans Castle. My husband and I have been to Scotland and Ireland twice….Will return in next 2 years.
    Could you give me some more info on the preservation of this wonderful castle and becoming Lady of Dunans. Thanks You, Mrs Young

  3. Can you confirm, that as a “laird of Dunans’. I can wear my McClaren tartan and still be correct? I am informed that the owners have this clan affiliation in their family.

  4. Hi Mrs Young, I hope you found the rest of this site informative, and there is more information at http://dunanscastle.org which is run by the Dunans Charitable Trust. To purchase, simply click on one of the package buttons at the top of the page! Best regards, Charles

  5. Hi Phil, You can, and that’s correct. We are working on a Scottish Laird tartan at the moment and hope to have something by the end of 2012. Notwithstanding this, if you have a tartan, then by all means wear that. Best regards, Charles

  6. We want to give a tiltle to our grand child’ boy who will be born in march. His name will be McDOWELL so what tartan should he ware, the McDOWELL’s or can he choose also the DUNAN CASTLE’s ?

    Denise anbd George McDOWELL

  7. Hi Denise and George,

    Your grandson will be entitled to wear either, although the Dunans Castle tartan is still in development and should come out later this year. Hope that’s helpful?

    Kind regards,


  8. Hello Charles,
    I am glad to read that 2012 will see some more obvious signs of development. Most of the arduous work in the early days will have gone unnoticed the majority of us.
    Sorry to read about the loss trees and limbs thereof.
    I’m sure we can organise some replanting somehow.
    Your website carries a message about ” .. here you can download your own stationery…”.
    As a freelance I would like to be able to present my “laird” visiting card.
    Is there a format or can I design my own?

    Mike Hill
    Ferghal of Durach

  9. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your encouraging comments!
    You’re very welcome to design your own, but if you look for the link to stationery when logged into the Laird site you’ll be able to click on the link and download a zip file with editable pdfs or word templates.
    Let me know how you get on,
    Best regard, Charles

  10. Hi Nikki,

    We’re on the Cowal Peninsula, West Coast of Scotland in Argyll and Bute. To pinpoint us exactly, use our postcode PA22 3AD in something like Google Maps and it’ll drop a pin on the castle!

    Best regards, Charles

  11. Great Great Grandson of Scottish immigrants from Renfrewshire to North America here. Celebrating my Irish ancestry as we well, Co Down origins. What would we carry, ID wise, to prove we have access to fishing an such should we visit?

  12. If I purchase the title of Laird, will I then join a clan e.g The MacLarens? Thank you, Nick

  13. Hi Nick, The titles are quite separate from clan membership, which is really about your surname. Depending on what it is, and given that you do have Scottish Heritage, then it is likely that you already belong to a clan and can join the clan society. Folk often buy Lairdship packages to celebrate their Scottish Ancestry. Best Charles

  14. Dear Charles, Laird of Dunan’s Castle,

    I am very pleased to have received my Title. I shall enjoy being a Lady of Dunan’s Castle. I wish you all the best with the refurbishment of the Castle and replacement of trees. Does your organisation have a Castle Ball?

    Yours sincerely,
    Suzanne Lady of Dunan’s Castle

  15. Hi my family have just bought me a laird title for my 50th birthday. As a piper I attend the cowel games every year and I am so excited at becoming a laird of dunans . I am waiting for my registration to arrive and can’t wait to visit the estate .

  16. Hi: I just received my ‘Laird’ recognition and am quite excited about it. One concern or question though: some of the current owners are MacDonalds if I am correct, and I am a Campbell. Any concerns about the history differences between clans?

  17. Hello, My name is Donna. I just celebrated my 61st birthday. I have been working on my family history for many years. Most of my ancestors came from Scotland. My Great Grandmother was a descendent of William Blair who came to the United States in the 1730s. There has been DNA testing to support this.
    I have had a special feeling in my heart for Scotland for many years. I was supposed to take my only trip outside the US to go to Scotland several years ago, but had to cancel my trip because my Mother became ill. Anyway, this is more special to me than you can imagine. I will actually have a small connection to Scotland. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I can’t wait for my papers.

  18. I just bought 7 Lairds and Ladyships for my family for Christmas gifts. Will our names be placed anywhere in the Castle Dunans where we could see them, should we visit? We are part of the Mac Innes Clan originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We now live in Southern California. I love my Scottish heritage and am delighed to further the love for Scotland within my family. Thank you for your kind reply. Carole

  19. No, its Dunans without an apostrophe. Dunans describes the place, not the chap who built it (if that makes sense!). Kind regards, Charles

  20. Hi Carole, We do keep a roll of Lairds and Ladies, alongside the locations of their plots. However, this isn’t on general display. Once the castle is renovated we plan to have a Lairds and Ladies room in which we will keep that list! Hope that answers your question! Kind regards, Charles

  21. Oh thank you for such a lovely comment! We’ll be delighted to meet you when you come! Kind regards, Charles

  22. Just purchased a square foot of the castle. I am happy to support your restoration. My family is from the isle of mann and my relative was William McChristianson or Brown-haired William. Can you give me any information about the three ghosts of Dunan Castle?

    Thank you

  23. Hi Linda,

    We have a grey lady on a turnpike stair, though we’re not sure who she is. There’s a ghost on the bridge who we believe was a navvie who died during the construction, and then there is Uncle Cyril, who has been seen often walking between house and castle of an afternoon.

    Kind regards,


  24. Hi Lawrence,

    Rest assured that the historic differences between the clans are not pertinent at Dunans — only when you look at the history locally of ownership do things become ‘interesting’. Dunans was originally a Lamont household, which was then taken by a local branch of the Campbell family at the time the Lamont’s were betrayed and then defeated at Toward. The resident Campbell family however were jacobites, and as such forfeited the property in 1745, which was when similarly evicted McInleister’s rented the property as Anglicised Fletchers …

    Hope you make it to Dunans soon, and I can explain it in more detail during the tour!

    Kind regards,


  25. Dear Sir,
    I think and feel as you do, to preserving Scotland for the future.
    Your idea is Brilliant. What better way to keep it as it is then a Laird or Lady.
    I love Scotland, I can think of no other place I’d rather be. Both of my Grand-perants came over from Scotland to live here in Ireland, I only know that the Robins name was a sept of the Clan Macgregor, and my Mother’s maiden name was Roberts, the “on” was droped, and I don’t know why.
    In the near future I hope to relocate to the only place in the World for me.
    Keep up the good work. Derick

  26. Dear Derick,

    Thanks so much for your message — the MacGregor connection to the castle is very strong, so welcome and we look forward to seeing you here one day!

    Kind regards,


  27. Just want to thank you for the opportunity to become a Laird and Lady. My partner got the title 10:th of april in Bath on his birthday and was overwhelmed by the surprise. We will of course visit the castle next year. Do you have any idea of a place to stay, not very far away from the castle ? And one other question, the colors, red, blue and green ? as the Picture above ? (Funny fact. My partners name is Sven Goran Eriksson 🙂

  28. Hi Kristina,

    So glad the present was such a success! We have lots of great places to stay locally, including The Colintraive Hotel, Ardachearnbeg self-catering cottages and the Watermill — all of which we know well and recommend in our Essential information which you should receive with your package. The tartan that Lairds and Ladies can use is ‘Dunans Rising’ and there’ll be garments etc on the site shortly!

    kind regards,


  29. Were there any of the Cameron Clan involved with Dunan Castle.? Don’t want to overstep my boundaries.

  30. Hi Catherine,

    Not as far as I know, however as fellow Jacobite supporters with the Fletchers, and also having arrows as part of their clan crest, I can’t help but feeling there must have been a level of connection between the two clans.

    Kind regards,


  31. Hi again. I just like to know when the tartans will be available to buy. We will have a Scottish party this October and would really like to wear our own colors. Is that possible, you think ?


  32. At any point are you planning on selling scarfs? I love the colors of the tartan but cannot sew. Also, a kindle case entirely covered in the tartan would be awesome!

  33. Me and my husband have Scottish backgrounds with my wonderful family still living there.. me and my husband wanted to celebrate the rising of the tartan and Dunan’s castle so we bought each other a laird and lady title..
    In the spring we will be visiting the castle in all its great glory… going to buy my daughters lady titles also.. very pleased to be more part of Scotland’s great history.

  34. Hello! Is it OK for me to still wear my Buchanan tartan as a Lady of Dunans? This would make my father VERY happy. 😉

    Thank you!

  35. Bought a Lady and Laird title for a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, although English, we married in Gretna and have spent many a happy holiday in Scotland, we booked a holiday for this summer and I got a great surprise to find we are staying only 17 minutes away, I’ve booked a tour (1st Aug) and ordered my kilt (hope it comes in time for the holiday), really looking forward to seeing the place and meeting you.
    Kind Regards
    Laird & Lady Dunnicliff

  36. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for your correspondence. I am happy to hear that you will be joining us for a tour very soon. I have spoken to our production manager to get an update on the status of your kilt and she has advised me that there is a normal lead time of 6 weeks to get the kilt made and returned to our office. We will then send it to you by special delivery. If you have not received your kilt by the middle of July then please contact me through help@scottishlaird.com and I will be happy to chase the supplier for a further update. Redshanks, our suppliers, are normally very good at producing the kilt in the expected time frame, however, if there is any delay then what we could do is to keep the kilt in our office for when you visit the site, rather than sending it at a time when you will not be at home.
    Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to welcoming you to Dunans Castle very soon.

    Colin Laird

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