For everyone who has asked for a webcam, here it is: flag cam. Our flags can be purchased from this site here.

This image can be refreshed every 60 seconds

7 thoughts on “FlagCam

  1. Hi. I’m thinking of buying this for a friend. However I just have some questions if you would be good enough to advise.

    If you buy a Laird package and then own 1 square foot of land what entitlement do you have other than using the title Laird ? For example is it registered at the Scottish equivalent of the land registry and truly owned by the buyer ? If the castle and grounds was ever sold for example, would the sale have to exclude all the Pieces of land you have sold to raise restoration funds ? Is it really true ownership or a fun gimmick ?

    I’ll probably buy anyway as it’s a great cause and great idea but just wondered in case he asks me when I give him the gift

    Many thanks

    Caroline Phipp

  2. Please can you supply the Dunans Tarten material as Bute Fabrics do not stock it for me to make a pair of trousers. Let me know price & delivery.
    Regards Laird Dr Philip G Stimpson.

  3. Dear Philip,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us here at Scottish Laird. You can purchase the tartan through our website at http://www.scottishlaird.com. The cost is £56 per metre. Thank you and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

  4. Flagcam is good we can check the weather with you, how about more webcams showing the castle, the gardens, etc
    then we can really see you in your full glory

    Regards Allan

  5. Dear Allan,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are looking at the possibility of further webcams around the site for our Lairds and Ladies who are unable to visit us here at Dunans. Thank you and we hope to hear from you again very soon.

  6. Hello I became a Lady of Dunans in Jan 2015
    I was looking through the paperwork today and noticed that I could log on to the website http://www.lairdofdunans.com to find other benefits and possibly create an email address amongst other things
    I did try and log on to this site but it came up as temporarily unavailable
    Can you please tell me wether this site will be available in the near future
    Thank you very much for the newsletters I look forward to receiving them and always read them, you are all doing a wonderful job and I look forward to hearing from you again soon
    Kind regards
    Julie Light (Lady of Dunans)

  7. Dear Julie,

    Thank you for contacting us. We have been experiencing difficulties with the company who hosts this website for us, however, these issues should now be fixed. If you are unable to access the site then please try http://www.lairdsandladies.scottishlaird.com. Before you can access the page properly, you will be asked to complete a registration. Please note that any details you set up for the title will not work on this page as they are separate.
    When you register you will be asked to select a subscription method. The reason that we do this is so that the Lairds and Ladies who would like to make regular contributions to the restoration project can do so quickly and easily. If you use the code ‘castlex1’ then you will receive 3 months of free subscription with the fee beginning at the end of this period.
    There is no obligation to make any payments to us after the free period has elapsed and you can simply cancel the arrangement from your account at that time.
    Once you have completed the registration process then you can login to the site and navigate from the menu bar located underneath then picture of the Castle in the snow.

    Thank you for your understanding and I hope to welcome you to Dunans Castle in the future for a tour.

    Colin Laird

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